Lead or be led

Lead or be led

undertake is the full-stack path

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Start your own business

Life is a "full-stack" way, you have to learn how to cook, clean, a profession, talk, be a good child, be a good father and many other things.

And at a time of our life's work, we will have to follow a path: lead or be led? Work for us or for others? And for me, that means: "Working on our dreams or working on someone else's dreams?"

To lead, you need to be led first. You know the way, it's very common to learn skills, learn a profession, write a curriculum, send it, work hard, listen a lot and other things we know.

And when I say lead, it mostly means leading ourselves, because when we start our own work, most of the time it means starting a lonely path.

Now listen, some people say "learn ux/ui, front-end, back-end, devops, cloud... and you'll be a full-stack worker", but when you start your own business, you'll quickly see that you need to know marketing , sales, talking to customers, prospecting customers, managing the business, logistics and more. I found that I'm not prepared, I thought being a good dev was at least 80-90% and it isn't. And a lot of what I'll write on my blog will be about these adversities that I never faced as a dev/designer.

And that's crazy and amazing, because learning is amazing, and knowing the basis of these sciences will make us create great things.

We know, it's a tough road, and I've chosen that road for now, and everything I'm going to write on this blog will be about how a developer/designer can build a business and the tough things I'm going to face. And I hope you like the content and help me with advice in the comment.

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I chose this to be my first post, thanks for your time.


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